Wise Men and Other Stories by Mike O'Mary

Wise Men and Other Stories - Mike O'Mary

I normally don’t like anthologies. That said, I found Wise Men and Other Stories engaging. The short stories (more like news column articles) are held together loosely by a common thread – the early life of author Mike O’Mary. The stories are warm, witty, and each one reminds us of a life-lesson we most likely have learned during our own childhood but have forgotten or overlooked. My favorite story in the book is Wise Men although each of the others captured my heart as well. I think I would have liked the stories to be more chronological and each a bit longer. Each story of the twenty-three in this book is perfect for use with an Advent calendar, bringing home a different life-lesson each day: gratitude, humility, caring for your neighbor, etc. Other than a general review it would be difficult to pick at any of the stories singly since each is unique.


I think Wise Men and Other Stories is a perfect little gift for that busy person who loves to read but around the holidays has limited time. It would be a great stocking stuffer or grab-bag gift.