God is in The Little Things: Messages from the Angels by Patricia Brooks

God Is in the Little Things: Messages from the Animals - Patricia Brooks

If you were in need of Divine Guidance, would you recognize it when it arrived? Author Patricia Brooks tells about her experience with messages she received by way of animal visits. Not the kinds of animals one would expect, like a dog, cat, or even the proverbial butterfly although Ms. Brooks does tell us of her cat Misty with whom she formed an instant and life-long bond. But God had chosen a bat to bring the first of many messages to the author. The story of the animal messages mirrored the events of Ms. Brooks life and seemed to come at times when she truly needed guidance or self-validation. The occurrences forced the author to stop and open her mind to realize that the messages being brought were from a Divine Source.


This book resonated with me as I, like Ms. Brooks, was brought up in the Roman Catholic religion. It has taken me many years to open myself to the fact that God communicates with us in many and varied channels. Reading this book has brought validation to me of my own spirituality.


The book is short and can easily be read in one afternoon. But I would ask the reader not to rush through it; to simply read the story and let the messages contained wash over you. While the writing is not exceptional – Ms. Brooks informs us at the outset that she is not a writer – it is genuine and heartfelt.