The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauk

The Wedding Dress - Rachel Hauck

When Charlotte Malone, the owner of a high-end bridal boutique in Birmingham, Alabama purchases an antique trunk at a charity auction, she questions her impulses. Especially when she has to tell her fiancé that she spent $1000 on the trunk. Charlotte stows the trunk in a corner of her home while she questions her own life and engagement. In the end, the trunk presents its treasure to Charlotte – a beautiful wedding dress fashioned in a timeless style.


As readers we are treated to the history of the wedding dress that somehow manages to find its way into the hands of exactly the right bride(s) over a period of over one hundred years. The magical thing about the dress is that it seems to shimmer from a light that is sewn into it while it has the capability to fit the next bride without alterations of any kind.


When I picked up this book I was intrigued to find that the history of the dress spanned such a long time period. I was enthralled with the story of the dress’s first owner – the woman for whom it was made initially – and how this young woman found the courage to follow her heart. To me it seemed as though this part of the story was set out in great detail and flowed easily. The stories of the next two owners of the dress seemed a bit choppy and I would have liked more detail. Charlotte’s own story was sprinkled between the stories of the other dress wearers and although it was easy to follow it didn’t seem to move forward; at times it felt as though I was stuck in Charlotte’s mind as she waffled between her independence and her not being able to call off her own wedding.


I would recommend this book for lovers of historical fiction/romance. There were places where the story did not hold my interest.