World After by Susan Ee

World After  - Susan Ee

Let's be clear. I loved Angelfall and found it hard to believe that the sequel could live up to the standards it set. But I was soooo wrong. World After picks up right where Angelfall left off - not missing a single beat.


Our sexy fallen angel Raffe believs that Penryn is dead at the hands of his enemies, so he goes off in search of his stolen wings. This leaves us free to follow the exploits of Penryn, her mother, and sister. At first hooking up with the Resistance fighters she soon learns that she can trust no one. And when she and her family are captured and taken to an adapted Alcatraz she must also give up her most treasured weapon - the angel sword that abandoned it's original owner Raffe. What follows is a roller-coaster ride of action and horror as Penryn learns what the angels have in store for mankind. Add in a dose of biblical prophecy and angel-created scorpion people they call locusts and the fear will creep up your spine. When Raffe is confronted with the choice of once more pursuing his enemy and regaining his angel wings or rescuing Penryn from the dangers she faces, we feel his uncertainty and anguish as he makes his decision.


I simply could not put this book down and finished it within three days. World After keeps the story going and the pages turning. The horrific things the angels have planned could have been so fantastically horrible but Susan Ee has the reader believing them to be nothing short of mundane to the angels. In a world torn asunder, and with the promise of Judgement Day just around the corner, you'll find yourself short of breath as you follow the action. To quote Penryn, "It's a new day in the World After".


I highly recommend this series and hope there is another book in the near future.